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Rod Mills Introduction

Rod mills are widely applied in cement industry, chemical industry, new building materials, fire-resistant materials, fertilizer, porcelain and glass industry etc.


Rod mill Grinding are grinding machine which employ high carbon steel or special steel rods of nearly the same length as that of the drum, in place of steel balls in ball mills.

Rod mills are an efficient crushing machine for grinding various materials into powder.


Rod mill crushes generally coarser than those produced in Ball mills, and rod mills are well suited to handle coarser feed and to control the bigger size of the product. Rod mills have Type RO, RE and RC depending on different purposes.

Rod Mills Working principle

Rod mills run along the outside gear. Materials spirally and evenly enter the crushing chamber along the input hollow axis by input devices. Steel rods of different specifications are installed in the crushing chamber. When the frame rotates, centrifugal force is produced. At the same time, the steel rods are carried to some height and then fall to grind and strike the material. After grinded in the crushing chamber, the powder is discharges by output material board.


The Rod mills are horizontal cylindrical rotation device, driven by brim gearwheel. There are two chambers and grid. Material goes into the first chamber through the feeding inlet. Inside the first chamber, there are stage liners and ripple liners as well as steel balls. The shell rotates so as to generate electricity, and this force brings ball to a certain height and then balls drop down by gravity, the impact is the grinding force to the material. After the primary grinding, materials go into the second chamber through segregate screen. In the second chamber, there are flat liners and steel ball, after the secondary grinding, material is discharged from the discharging. Then the whole grinding process end.

Rod Mills Features

  • Made up of feeding part, discharging part, gyre part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, and electrical controller) and so on.
  • Adopts a steel cast hollow axis and the linings can be replaced.
  • Adopts a forged rotary gear.
  • Crushing chamber with wearable plates.
  • Runs steadily and efficiently.


Model No. Size of Drum
Dia x Length(mm)
Capacity (t/h) Drum
Rod Charge
Feed 25mm
Prod. 20 mesh
Feed 25mm
Prod. 35 mesh
Feed 25mm
Prod. 65 mesh
RO-924 900 횞 2,400 3.55 2.85 1.8 22 22 2
RO-1224 1,200 횞 2,400 7.2 5.75 3.6 22 55 5.6
RO-1230 1,200 횞 3,000 8.75 7 4.4 27 55 6.6
RO-1530 1,500 횞 3,000 14.6 11.7 7.3 24 95 11
RO-1536 1,500 횞 3,600 17.5 14 8.75 24 110 13
RO-1830 1,800 횞 3,000 21.2 17 10.6 21 150 16
RO-1836 1,800 횞 3,600 25.6 20.5 12.8 21 150 19
RO-2460 2,400 횞 6,000 36 29.4 18.3 19.5 220 27

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.

Type RE, RC mill specifications

Model No. Size of Drum
Dia x Length (mm)
Capacity (t/h) Feed
20mm Prod. 5mm
Rod Charge
RE.RC-924 900 횞 2,400 3.5 ~ 7 32 22 3.4
RE.RC-1230 1,200 횞 3,000 9.4 ~ 17.5 27 55 7
RE.RC-1530 1,500 횞 3,000 17.5 ~ 32 24 95 11.5
RE.RC-1536 1,500 횞 3.600 20 ~ 35 24 110 13.7
RE.RC-1836 1,800 횞 3,600 31 ~ 55 21 150 20
RE.RC-2136 2,100 횞 3,600 45 ~ 73 19.5 200 28
RE.RC-2436 2,400 횞 3,600 63 ~ 100 18 260 37
RC-2442 2,400 횞 4,200 75 ~ 120 18 300 40
RC-3348 3,300 횞 4,800 150 ~ 200 14.3 630 55

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.

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